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Our Authors

We have been blessed to work with several amazing authors.  We have helped them launch their author journey under Curls and Coils Literary Solutions as their self-publisher.  We invite you to learn more about their individual book journeys. 

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A Void Only You Can Heal 

by Renee Myers

Childhood memories were full of hurtful moments. But Renee Myers pushed through to overcome her obstacles. Her growing pains eventually succumbed to her faith and therapeutic journey for healing. She quickly learned that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. This memoir and reflective journal will share in some of her fondest memories through the use of self-portraits in healing, encouraging song lyrics, a poem, reflection questions and resources. Her story sheds light to trauma while allowing for an opportunity to reflect on your life. Fueled with challenging stories of triumph, A Void That Only You Can Heal, will help aid in your recovery towards growth. You can overcome anything and this memoir will assist in your achievement of life.

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The Color Of Pretty 

by Michelle E. Williams

Faced with life challenges of not feeling loved, being bullied and never feeling good enough; Lola decided to take her life into her own hands. Despite her struggles she chose happiness over self-doubt. She began reflecting as she embarked on her journey of healing. But will she leave her past traumas behind? Discover how her melanin guided her to realize that the color of pretty was instilled inside of her all along.​

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The Adventures of Ponytail Noelle:

Ponytail Noelle Joins The Choir

by Donnita Fowler

About The Series:

Ponytail Noelle is a bright, fun-loving and curious little girl. She enjoys exploring life and each day is a new adventure. Follow her daily adventures that focus on faith, family and fun.


Ponytail Noelle loves to sing. She loves singing to her dolls and even in the car. But what about singing in the church choir? Join Noelle as she discovers her gift and how she can use it to overcome her fear.

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Izzy Goes To The Library

by Vettania Clark 

Illustrated by Ayanna S. Clark

About The Series:

Meet Izzy. She’s a curious little girl who enjoys adventure. She’s always interested in learning new things and going to new places. With the help of her Mom and Dad, she will explore her community and learn of its wonder.


Izzy loves to read and she is super excited to explore a new place called the library. But before she visits the library she has to learn some rules. While at the library, Izzy goes on an adventure to explore new books, colors, stories, her “credit card” and more. What a day! Join in on the fun with Izzy at the library.

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My Club Q Journey Of Love

by Terry Billy

In the beginning there was house music and all was right with the world. Music is a vibe that dwells in your soul. While trying to survive her unprecedented times, Gia learned that music also allows you to cherish fond memories. She quickly found herself in an entanglement of music vibes, fun, laughter and memories as she embarked on a rollercoaster of emotions to last a lifetime.

**Coming Soon**

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The Next Chapter:

Journey To Healing Through Grief, Loss & Disappointment

by TaKenya ClarkJefferies, LCSW, MSW

Life can throw many unexpected curve balls. They may come in the form of divorce, death, unemployment, a health crisis and more. Despite any loss, we can still begin again to create a new life map. Using faith based, clinical principles “The Next Chapter: Journey to Healing through Grief, Loss and Disappointment” will help to recreate your life plan. This book will help you move forward and live a life you did not believe was possible. You will look deep within yourself as you reset your life journey.

**Coming Soon**

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