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Books, Business and Bubbly

Books, Business and Bubbly is a virtual event for authors. Enjoy an intimate evening of networking, collaborations, resources, sip/paint activity, guest speakers and more. Learn how to make the next steps in your author journey. Perfect for both aspiring and published authors. This virtual event will be held on Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 4-6pm EST. All ticket holders will receive a mailed package of the paint supplies, incentives and resources for use during the event. 

Ticket sales end on April 25th! 

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Our Featured Speakers

Ashley Starling

Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA; she considers her two kids to be the greatest motivations to write. One day you look back at the writing passion you once had and lost, then it comes back again multiplied. You can find Ashley's inspirational themes in her children's book such as, A Marvelous Authentic Kind-Hearted, Educated and Unique Princess. It's important to let readers know how important they are and how important it is for them to exist in this world. Ashley's passion includes offering self publishing consultations, and helping others create plush products to make their books stand out of the box.

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Toni R. Settles

The Well Read Child Book Fair was founded by self-published children's book author, Toni R. Settles who wanted to give self-published authors an opportunity to showcase their books in schools.

Born from the idea that children need to be able to see themselves in the books they read; the Well Read Child book fair is an initiative to expose students to books that reflect the true diversity of our nation and world.

Children from diverse backgrounds are now a majority of all public school students and will soon be a majority of all children in America. Yet the publishing industry have failed to keep up with the rainbow of our children’s faces and cultures and needs. The Well Read Child book fair is the solution, and has partnered with dozens of authors and illustrators to get amazing books in the hands of students across America.

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Kristina Peck

Kristina is an Upstate New York Native and spent her years working as a Nurse in the Syracuse area. Her ambitions led her to the network known as Pretty Women Hustle in June of 2020. Kristina’s dedication led her to be appointed as the Executive Director of the Pretty Women Hustle Network in July of 2020.

She found her love for Marketing and Social Media Management while working for Pretty Women Hustle. While there she had taken on several Marketing clients through Pretty Women Hustle. She decided to take a leap and launch her own business. In late 2020 Kristina blossomed her entrepreneurial gifts into her new brand of KP Marketing.

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Shauna Lamore

Shauna is the founder of Lamore Lifestyle Public Relations a PR firm representing clients across several industries. With years of experience, she’s been able to expand from a one woman show to a full qualified team of PR professionals. The firm has a long established history of placing clients at large events such as For Sister’s Only, Essence Fest, London fashion week, exclusive NFL events and countless celebrity events.

Lamore Lifestyle Public Relations has established a proven track record that although a boutique firm, WE don’t play small. Clients have been placed on media outlets such as Fox, ESPN, Essence, Yahoo News and more. The team offers unparalleled exposure to all of our clients, and is determined to see every job through to its success.

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Official Sponsor:

Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

Jakia created PWH at a time when it seemed impossible for women to get the coverage and exposure needed to boost their new product or business without spending a ton of money or knowing certain people.

Pretty Women Hustle is a Platform for EVERY woman! We are dedicated to Promoting and Highlighting women doing extraordinary things in Business and Faith.

We aim to serve as your Go-To for finding out who is excelling in Life and Business.

We feature women-owned businesses from all walks of Life.  

One lucky guest will receive free ad space in an upcoming magazine issues.  Another lucky winner will receive a free media feature about their upcoming or current book. 

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