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Author Services

Congratulations on using your gift!  I know that it isn't easy but sharing your story is a must.  It may help someone in need.  So why not think beyond your book?  Let me help you share your story and think outside of the box to reach more people.  I have over 5 years of experience in the literary world as an author, freelance writer, PR consultant, ghostwriter and more!  Let me help you along your author journey as either your author coach or during a one on one strategy session.  

Just Write Author Coaching

You have an amazing story to tell so let me help you share it.  I can individually coach you through the writing, self-publishing and book launch process.  You will receive SMART goals tailored towards your unique project in order to help you reach author success.  Here's what you can expect to receive:

Weekly SMART Goals

Bi-Weekly 30 Minute Zoom Strategy Sessions

Membership Into The Reading Between The Lines Group

Handcrafted Pitches For Your Bookstore Consignment

Handcrafted Pitches For Your Media Features

Handcrafted Press Release For Your Book Launch

Resources For Your Publishing Needs

**Available In Increments of 2-3 Months

Starting at $500

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Beyond The Book Strategy Session

If you're anything like me, you have tons of ideas swarming around in your head!  Well, let me help you strategize those ideas. I can help you think beyond your book to lead you to author success.  This one time strategy session will consist of the following:

45 Minute Zoom Strategy Session

Brain Dump

SMART Goal Summary

Individualized Resources 

Membership Into The Reading Between The Lines Group

2 Media Features

Handcrafted Pitch For Your Ongoing Media Inquiries

**One Time Session


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