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Meet our Editor:  Tonisha Patterson

Tonisha Patterson has always had a passion for education.  She always strives to gain as much knowledge as she can through as many outlets as possible. Although she is currently working in the mental health field, English and writing have always been her first love. She is excited to share her knowledge and be a helping hand for those who need it.


Chaundra Scott is a native of Anne Arundel County, MD. Her professional background has roots in social work. For over 15 years, Chaundra has provided case management and community outreach services to children and families in Maryland. The birth of her daughter, Aubrey, sparked an interest in becoming a children’s book author. She wanted to share her family stories of self empowerment and positive affirmations with children everywhere.

From there, Chaundra wrote her first book called Curls and Coils. Four other book titles followed soon after: Beautiful Shades, The All-Star, Sweet Dreams and Reading Between the Lines.  She started her literature and lifestyle business called Curls and Coils Literary Solutions. She specializes in hosting literary events, writing services, writing programs, kid accessories and much more.

With a dedicated passion for literacy, Chaundra also opened her own virtual, preschool learning center known as Beautiful Shades.  Her passion for reading and writing is unmatched. Author entrepreneur, Chaundra Scott, also is a freelance writer for several publications such: Sheen Magazine, Been Worthy Media and more. Scott also founded a community program known as Little Curls and Coils to mentor girls through project based learning.

Stay tuned for upcoming literary events in the DMV area such as the 2022 Words With Wine Festival. To stay connected please follow her on Instagram and Clubhouse as @curls_coils; Facebook @CurlsCoilsMD; and Twitter @CurlsNCoilss for the latest blog entries, new books and events.